Feeding a Titanosaur

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Sir David Attenborough opened our Late Cretaceous room-scale experience. "Feed A Titanosaur" features a life-scale Argentinosaurus named Alan in which you get to feed this amazing creature.

The educational VR content transports guests back to the Late Cretaceous Period. Once there, guests are able to feed a fully scaled Argentinosaurus. This was a genus of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur first discovered by Guillermo Heredia in Argentina.

Feed a titanosaur in VR
Titanosaur in VR walking around Sir David Attenborough York VR

Feed a Sauropod in Virtual Reality. Stand in the same space as Alan and understand the sheer scale of these creatures. If you are gentle, Alan will feed from your hand. A vertebra from such a Sauropod was recently discovered in Yorkshire and is now in the Yorkshire Museum collection.

Feed a titanosaur in VR
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