IP Development

Our extensive knowledge of the broadcast industry has enabled us to understand what it takes to create successful IPs. We have worked with some of the world's most prominent creators on a wide range of properties for launch and adaptation to different consumer platforms.

We specialise in 3D CGI and XR projects but also have excellent 2D capability, so you will be in good hands whatever the format you are targeting. We create world-class high-resolution imagery along with animation and motion graphics throughout the highly collaborative, carefully managed development journey, which enables the vision of our clients to be brought to life.

One Trick Tony Design Book
One Trick Tony Design Book - Concept and Format
One Trick Tony Design Book - Concept and Format

We can work from a blank page or we can take an initial concept and develop it into a pitch-ready 'document'. This includes everything from initial designs of characters and the world they live in, their backstory and lore, through to individual episodic scripts, story ideas, animatics, social media promos, full cinematic trailers and final pitch bibles with full branding and sound design included.

One Trick Tony Design Book
One Trick Tony Design Book
One Trick Tony Design Book

Beyond the development process, we are able to help guide projects to their next level and ultimately handle all aspects of productions in their entirety using robust and trusted pipelines. We have experience accessing the UK Animation Tax Credits both on domestic and co-production channels. Our expertise in creating highly talented bespoke production teams within Studio Liddell has helped both new and established brands successfully launch and grow on platforms:

  • TV Broadcast channels
  • VOD & SVOD channels
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality platforms
  • Apps
  • Museum & Heritage Installations
  • Food & Beverage Packaging
One Trick Tony Design Book

Key stages of development:

Project Overview

The initial stage in any project is establishing the story. Who are our characters and where is our setting? What is the main driver of the IP and what is its purpose and why? If we can clearly answer these fundamentals in a compelling way then we are off to a good start.


Within this stage, we consider and look at our world and our main characters, what do they look like and what are their personalities and traits? We use 2D sketches for the initial designs and refine these to an approved stage before 3D modelling and rigging them, which then allows us to pose each character for promo and bible images and also animate them, if required. The world they inhabit and any prominent props or vehicles are also tackled in the same way.

Episodic stories / Story outlines

We work with world-class writers to develop the correct tone and humour appropriate to the IP. This is a significant aspect of the development as any script needs to capture attention if being shared and pitched to a commissioner.

Bible & IP Trailer

The bible is fundamentally what anyone new to the IP will need in order to fully understand the project. This combines everything that is done in the early stages of development and will contain all information about characters, their world and the mission statement for the IP.

Animated sequences are sometimes required for a pitch and they can help with pitches but sometimes are not required to get a commission. They are not inexpensive so this is a discussion we would have to ascertain whether this element should be budgeted for. For any trailer, we plan a script and record this once signed off, before creating an animatic and final edit ahead of the animation being done. The trailers are usually circa 45 seconds to 1 min in duration but timings can vary.

We'd love to

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The lovely team here at Studio Liddell are always on the lookout for exciting new projects to work on. If you have an idea or need help bringing your vision to life, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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