This is a new sector for our creative specialists but certainly one that we are excited by.

The NFT sector brings another platform opportunity that allows our team to be highly creative and expansive with concepts and designs, from PFP projects through to P2E games.

We have already worked on some very interesting projects and have created our own NFT-focused IPs ready for further development and collaboration.

footballer NFT

football nft
football shoe ntf
footballer shirt NFT
logo NFT

If you have an NFT concept that needs high-quality art and animation or a range of avatars, we can help whether it's for the design of a single image or thousands of images or animations within a collection, all with unique traits. Our development history and experience are in complete harmony with the design of any new image-based NFT project ensuring characters, animation bibles and project website builds are as high quality as they can be in a world where new IPs need to be seen and stand out from the 'crowd'.

Meanwhile, we collaborate with blockchain specialists to finalise and help deliver projects to the marketplace.

Lady in coat NFT
Male NFT
Female NFT
Clubverse Female NFT
NFT project

We'd love to

work with you

The lovely team here at Studio Liddell are always on the lookout for exciting new projects to work on. If you have an idea or need help bringing your vision to life, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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