There is a great deal of fun to be had bringing characters to life through animation! Over the years our animation has been seen by millions of people around the world and, we would like to hope, has brought much surprise and delight through the different 'personalities' we have been lucky enough to work on.

The range is vast! From a comedic racing car called 'Roary', the very cute 'Cloudbabies' and the funny furry 'Furlies' through to the world-famous Dr. Who's Daleks in their very own mini-series and pre-historic 'Dinosaurs' for immersive VR experiences, our talented animation teams have been able to translate well-written scripts onto the screen in a myriad of rendered styles.

Our experience covers everything from TV interstitials, TV ads and project trailers, through to TV specials, multi-episodic TV series, virtual production shots and games cut-scene work.

Power Puff Animation and Render
BBC Daleks
King of Fighters Animation
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The lovely team here at Studio Liddell are always on the lookout for exciting new projects to work on. If you have an idea or need help bringing your vision to life, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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