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Losing a precious compass overboard, a young, unsuspecting boy, dives into a badly polluted ocean and embarks on a life-changing adventure.

Drift is an educational, beautifully stylised and rendered ecological story with a clear optimistic message at its core.

We follow our 'hero' character in this highly immersive VR experience, acting as a spectator throughout his journey of enlightenment. Chased by a shark, surrounded by luminous jellyfish and rescued by a magical mermaid our intrepid hero becomes very aware of how pollution by mankind affects our oceans and all the creatures who live in it.

Resolving to become part of the solution, an 'eco-warrior' is born! We end with a thoughtful message to all and see him on his quest to clear and recycle the rubbish that is finding its way into and severely damaging our oceans.

The tale is voiced by the character of the boy as a wise old man who imparts some hard truths about how much we depend upon the oceans of the world and how each of us can make a simple change to improve them.

Drift boy under water 3D
Drift Boy With Fish 3D
Drift Drives Under Water 3D
Boy with Girl
Boy in Boat
Boy with Girl
Boy in Boat
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