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In early 2018, Studio Liddell was approached by the lovely team at Pink Kong Studios to assist with the development of what would become the multi-award winning 'Aurora' VR experience. Produced by Pink Kong, this was Ireland's first VR short film. Working closely with the team, we translated their wonderful 2D designs into a beautifully designed, interactive, 3D world, complete with an emotive story running throughout the time-lapse narrative.

A visually rich cinematic animated VR short, 'AURORA' follows the lives of a young family and all who inhabit its vividly coloured landscape. Set in a beautiful forest clearing 'AURORA' gives the audience space to experience the majesty of nature through a time-lapse style narrative of day to night, spring to winter and life to death.

'AURORA' draws the viewer into the emotive storyline by allowing them to get up close and personal with the characters. Fleeting awe-inspiring moments of presence and gentle interaction invite us to reflect on the very nature of time itself.

'AURORA' is an uplifting visual feast that packs an emotional punch!

Aurora VR short
Aurora VR short vividly coloured landscape
Hut in the land of Aurora VR short film
Concept art
Aurora is an uplifting visual feast
Aurora Concept Art
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