Camp Furly

CGI TV Series

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This is a great example of an IP development of a globally focused, multi-episode CGI TV series.

Characters have been designed from scratch and a full bible produced housing a full backstory about the brand, taking into consideration what the core values are and how they are portrayed on screen.

Each character has key personality traits which children will associate with and recognise as they play out across the well-crafted story lines throughout the series.

Camp Furly
Camp Furly
Camp Furly

It's a place for outward-bounding, free-range frolicking, wild adventures rooted in the great outdoors for the adorable FURLIES.

Furlies are friendly, furry, funny characters who think, play and act a lot like human children except they're much hairier! They're discovering together, and Camp Furly's counsellors nurture them as they playfully connect with the environment.

Camp Furly is a seedbed for raising confident, considerate, environmentally-conscious kids through being active and adventurous outdoors.

"Hello fresh air, friends everywhere! Escape the hurly-burly! It's time to play the natural way - so welcome to Camp Furly!"

Camp Furly
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