We brought the adventures of the coolest junior park ranger on the block to life, co-producing this series with Toronto-based Nelvana. 18 months in the making, a team of 40 artists worked on the 52 x 11-minute episodes, creating all backgrounds, layout, and animation. We created a bespoke shot management system to coordinate with Nelvana’s in-house system to allow easy management of the process with a smooth and robust pipeline. This award-nominated show is now being broadcast worldwide.

Helen Lebeau, VP, Production said “Studio Liddell has been a terrific partner at every phase of the process. This includes the initial set-up, working through the schedule, budget and executing the plan. They have been great collaborators and have been willing to solve any issues that have come up. Studio Liddell hired top-level artists and have a very strong management team in place which has resulted in top quality animation. We are proud to be working with such strong partners and given the opportunity would most definitely work with them in the future!”