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Studio Liddell were approached to design and develop a game for use via an app (targeted at iPad and iPhone users) which would, not just feature, but, 'put front and centre' their iconic brand IP!

We created a fun and engaging app called: 'Smiley Seek!'

This is a game with three variations and utilises almost a thousand Smiley icons of different shapes and sizes, from many different cultures and continents around the World. Players get to physically connect with the brand, touching and dragging the icons to move them and navigate them around different country scenarios from around the world. In Adventure mode, players get their Smiley passports stamped as they complete each level and fulfil each countries challenges.

The game was translated into 15 languages and featured famous skylines from France, Germany, USA, UK, China and others, all presented as backdrops to the three main games. With lots of challenges like 'Smiley World' mode with up to fifty icons piled up on screen and players have to clear them one by one, based on identifying the Smiley shown, in the fastest time possible. World leader-boards included along with special collectables.

Smiley World App

'Challenge' and 'Survival' mode games involved sliding the icons in rows or columns to clearing the gameboard and beating previous high scores. For added pressure the 'Survival' mode reverses time and counts down to 0.... Can you survive and keep Smiling!?

Studio Liddell created both single player and double player options for this game suite, meaning more people got to share and enjoy this iconic brand game together.

A fun filled app, with a variety of leader-board options, collectables and a Smiley World Passport to complete, there was plenty for the icon loving public to enjoy…..and SMILE about!

Smiley World App
Smiley World App
Smiley World App

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