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Working closely with our client, IP2 Entertainment, We concepted and fully produced this ride for CL Corp's motion room platform, to be sited in the Ultimate Explorer centres. Ocean Endeavour is a five-minute underwater mission.

Projected onto multiple displays surrounding a motion-enabled platform, this adventure focuses on going deep underwater in the Arctic to learn more about the ecological damage.

Ocean Endeavour mainshot
Ocean Endeavour mainshot

This is an educational, room-scale experience allowing up to 20 people to engage in the marvels of an undersea, Antarctic adventure. Including a few surprise moments, like a fun yet heart-stopping penguin chase. The shocking discovery of vast areas of plastic pollution in the southern ocean (Antarctic).

The intrigue of a shipwreck, the sudden emergency SOS event involving collapsing debris along with the addition of synchronised real water 4D effects, wetting the audience, enhancing the thrill and reminding us of the dangers of deep, undersea exploration.

Ocean Endeavour Shipwreck
Ocean Endeavour Shipwreck
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