Going Subsea

Norway Oil Museum

Immersive Installation

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A completely unique immersive installation designed and created for the incredible 'Well' structure that sits within the Norway Museum of Oil. The 'Well' is comprised of a hollow 'cube' both above and below a public viewing gallery where visitors are able to look into both and view the 8-minute movie installation projected seamlessly across the 10 sides of the structure. The movie takes them on an abstract journey of discovery, softly educating whilst engaging them with some incredibly immersive animation.

Fully produced during the pandemic lockdown, our VR pipeline enabled the recreation of a 3D virtual 'Well' museum in which we could meet and walk around with our clients - all virtually, which allowed them to see an accurate representation of their installation as it was being created, from milestone updates right through to approval and sign off stage.

Whilst this innovative pipeline impressed all stakeholders, it also enabled the project to work across global territories without any travel, which minimised the carbon footprint of the project.

norway main museum
norway main museum
norway main museum
norway main museum
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