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To complement the TV series in production by our talented team, we were asked to design and develop an accompanying 'Cloudbabies app'.

Our games and interactive experts jumped at the chance and applied their creative skills to bring the same beautiful world of Baba's Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow along with Bobo White and all their friends to iPad and iPhone screens everywhere.

Cloudbabies App

In a desire to retain the same 'look and feel' as the TV series, the app was designed around the use of the same assets and rendering techniques already developed for the tv series. This allowed us to capture the full charm of the characters helped to maintain the quality of the brand for handheld devices. Our clever team crafted this sprite based game featuring key moments from the show as a series of games, one for each main character. This allowed children to play directly with their favourites and relate them back to stories from the series. New scripts and voice overs from the original cast, new music sequences and newly edited footage from actual episodes bring the enchanting games to life as only Cloudbabies can.

cloudbabies app
cloudbabies app
cloudbabies app
cloudbabies app

Games included tidying up the garden (Baba Green, Fuffa, Sun, Rainbow), racing the sky train (Bobo White), playing the flutey tute (Baba Yellow), enjoying cloud bouncing (Baba Green), make your own star blanket (Baba Pink), nighting time (Baba Blue and Baba Yellow).

The app was very well received and has been enjoyed by thousands of children (and we know a few adults too!) around the world.

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