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Throughout much of 2022, Studio Liddell collaborated with creator Julian Bashford and the talented team at Mackinnon & Saunders on the development and production of the pre-school children's mixed media series, BooSnoo! for Sky Kids.

The show features the mesmerising journey of a red ball through various landscapes and machines filled with music, art, space, water and more. BooSnoo! promised to captivate its viewers from start to finish and was developed with the support of the National Autistic Society so that all children would be engaged - including and especially those with learning differences.

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Each of the 20 episodes is between 6-7 minutes long and follows the theme in the title of the episode, such as Art, Wheels, Music and Waves. Each episode follows the same structure with a familiar opening sequence, leading BooSnoo on a journey through the pinball machine and into the themed content. We have 3 engrossing themed 'moments' of CG or live action content per episode, linked together with amazingly imaginative CG 'pipework' sections. At the end of each episode BooSnoo heads for home, gliding past images of its three exciting adventures.

This was very much a north west of England production, with the live action elements created and filmed by Mackinnon & Saunders and the CG elements created by our team at Studio Liddell. Showcasing the brilliant creative talent in this area, we all worked hard to ensure the overall look was seamless and added VFX for some special moments.

The first episodes of the series were broadcast in February 2023 and the series as a whole was fully delivered to Sky Kids in March 2023.

BooSnoo SkyKids Wheelss
BooSnoo SkyKids StopGo
BooSnoo SkyKids BooSnoo Trains
BooSnoo SkyKids BooSnoo Music
BooSnoo SkyKids BooSnoo Floating
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