We recently played a key role in the creation of a special in-game episode exclusively available as an extra feature in the Lego Dimensions Series. It allowed players to discover how the vibrant team of 2D teenage superheroes became trapped in the 3D Lego Dimensions multiverse and embarked on heroic adventures with new friends.


Studio Liddell was appointed to work on the piece by TT Games following successful collaborations on several previous projects. It took a team of 26 talented staff four months to work on the eight-minute sequence, in which the Teen Titans encounter characters from Beetlejuice, Goonies, Batman, The Wizard of Oz, The Powerpuff Girls, Fantastic Beasts, and Gremlins.


The process involved our team re-purposing the assets to ensure they were suitable for high-quality animation, creating additional environment assets, completing the layout, animation, light & render, FX and compositing to transport the viewer into a fantasy world where anything is possible.