Cloudbabies is a pre-school television series featuring five enchanting childlike characters who look after the sky. Studio Liddell created the entire 52 episode TV-series and our integrated pipeline meant we were ideally placed to also develop the associated Apps.


Our interactive team was tasked to design, develop and deliver an app based around the core values of the television series. The game would be set in and around the familiar Cloudy House and each character from the show would have their own game with associated video sequences.  Characters would have the same visual fidelity of the show and all content should stay firmly on brand.


We were inspired by the themes in the TV series to create an App that brings the Cloudbabies world into the palm of children’s hands.  New scripts were written, new voices recorded, music and sound effects re-worked to produce a blend of new and original content.  The app is full of games, interactions, secrets, and badges to collect.  Games range from star-picking, sewing, playing music in time, gardening, driving the Skytrain and cloud bouncing.  All the friends are here ready for you to play along with!