Jucee is a great example of our full service-approach. We animated characters, created mixed-media ads, and also developed an Augmented Reality app for mobile. Since launch, Jucee have doubled their sales.


We were commissioned to bring the fruit characters on Princes popular Jucee soft drinks range into the 21st Century with a 3D makeover. Using the existing 2D designs of Ozzie & friends as reference we added some zest to the mascots, incorporating them into the new packaging label designs.


A commission to create 6 new 10 second sponsorship idents, to be aired on Nickelodeon was the natural step in building the brand. Taking care of all the production from casting and location through to filming & final edit, we brought together a mix of live action kids inside full CG environments playing alongside our cheeky animated fruit characters. We also created fun short clips for sharing on social media, which were views thousands of times across Facebook and twitter.


The client wanted a way to encourage kids to interact directly with the brand and our interactive team successfully pitched an Augmented Reality App that allows players to interact with the product by pointing their phone camera at the product label to see characters come to life. As part of our integrated production process we were able to repurpose models and animations created for the ads directly into the App, cutting down on lead times and maintaining the same level of quality across all media.